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Profile Of Founding Chairman & managing Director Dr. Jhoomer kulshrestha

Dr. Jhoomer Kulshrestha is a unique and striking personality in the field of Beauty, Skin Treatments training. She has internationally acclaimed certification and more than 15 years of vast medical expertise along with training of thousands of students.

Ls Salil Kulshrestha

Qualifications B.Sc. B.Ed. M.A.(Pre) Psychology Diploma In Diet & Nutrition Experience She has been in academics in India and abroad. She was President of Lioness Club of Navi Mumbai & a social worker.

Cdr. Surendra Kulshrestha I.N.(Vetern)

QualificationsB.Sc.(Engg), M.Tech, MBA Reiki Healer degree-III Experience Advisor to Bain & Company Vice President (HR-Technology Training) PSL Advisor in setting up Center of Excellence in Gujarat in ITI General Manager in Mazagaon dock Limited Mumbai Diplomatic Assignment in Embassy of India at Moscow Visiting Faculty in KC College of Management Studies & Engineering college Vizag. Trainer in Success Formulae in Career and Business.

Credentials of Dr Jhoomer Kulshrestha

Focused Experience of Dr. Jhoomer Kulshrestha


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